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Who is this guy?

Brad Poer (born Bradford Dee Poer, Atlanta, GA) is the Theatre Instructor/Program Coordinator at Kellogg Community College in Battle Creek, MI. He holds a MFA in Directing from the University of Montana and a BFA in Theatre Performance from Valdosta State University. He directs two productions at KCC each school year, occasionally appears on local stages and/or screens and teaches Acting I and II, Theatre Appreciation, Encounter with the Arts, Acting for the Camera, Intro to Children's Theatre and Theatre Special Topics. He loves his job. He seriously does.


Other B-Rad trivia:

-Brad is daft enough to go by B-Rad on occasion.
-Brad likes Star Wars. A lot. 
-Moreover, Brad considers himself a geek of many trades: theatre, film, graphic novels, food & beverage, videogames, sports, music... a constantly expanding list.

-Brad knew he was destined to be bald at an early age. Thankfully, he has a realitively symmetrical skull.

-The Poerhouse (as they call themselves) consists of Brad, Brad's amazing wife, Nicki (also a theatrical educator type), daughter Etta and dog, Elwood. They reside in Kalamazoo. They look like this:

-That officially concludes everything there could possibly be to know about Brad. Any other information is either classified or a bold-faced lie.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.
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